History Of Unionville Gospel Hall

As Toronto expanded back in the early 1900’s various Assemblies were established in the greater Toronto Area and by the mid 60’s there were approximately 20 Assemblies. At that time a considerable number of Christians began moving north into the Unionville / Markham area and soon recognized the need for a local assembly and community outreach. These Christians then began meeting in houses for Bible Study, Prayer and organization of a local outreach. In 1967 a young people’s outreach known as UYFBH (Unionville Young Folks Bible Hour) began at the Crosby Arena in Unionville. One year later in September of 1969, 25 Christians met at Parkview Public School for the first time as the Assembly now known as Unionville Gospel Hall. Those first 25 Christians continued for one year in the school until a permanent building was erected at 24 Second Street in Unionville. At the same time a long term care facility known as Bethany was erected across the road as a senior’s home for Assembly Christians. To this day Unionville Gospel Hall remains in close fellowship with Bethany and accounts for a number of our congregation from Bethany Lodge, Bethany Manor and Bethany Courts.

The original building was enlarged in 1976 and then again in 1998 to accommodate our current congregation of over 100 plus children and visitors. In addition expanded facilities were required to effectively support our various outreach ministries.

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